We are currently conducting a consultation process with MSPs, their members and secretariats, and with stakeholders, governments, and UN bodies. The 2nd draft MSP Charter is available for comments until Nov 7, 2018. Please email us at info(at)

Previous steps included:

  • During a 2-day multi-stakeholder workshop during the middle weekend of the UN HLPF in July 2017 in New York (Making MSPs Work for the SDGs) we introduced the idea and discussed elements of and process towards the Charter, and started creating a first draft after the workshop;
  • Inviting experts to join the Informal Advisory Group;
  • Creating a first draft of the MSP Charteropening for consultation in April / May 2018;
  • Consulting with the Advisory Group about comments received and further inputs, June / July 2018.

During the coming months, we plan to undertake the following steps:

  • October / November 2018: publishing a 2nd draft and opening for comments until Nov 7, 2018;
  • Finalizing the MSP Charter and launch electronically as well as through suitable events;
  • Informing intergovernmental processes and bodies dealing with the SDGs about the MSP Charter;
  • Open globally for signatures (website)M
  • In the future, the MSP Charter project will work with others in developing a mechanism for reviewing experiences working with the Charter principles, so that partnerships and organisations working with and in partnerships can sign up, and can engage in learning and exchange while reviewing their MSP and reporting to the UN Partnership for the Sustainable Development Goals.
    We also welcome comments and collaboration in this regard.