Welcome to the MSP Charter project website!

The project is developing a Charter for Multi-Stakeholder Processes (MSPs) and those working in and with MSPs, articulating key principles.

Following two rounds of comments and feedback from members of the advisory group and the wider stakeholder public, here’s the 3rd, and final, version of the MSP Charter.

The experience with Multi-stakeholder Partnerships (MSPs) over the last 15 years has been mixed. 
There is a lack of shared understanding of what partnerships are – i.e. the current reality – and what they should be. There is hardly a shared vision of what we should aspire to when creating and operating in partnerships and what core principles should be included. Some guidance has been provided by UN agreements and there are guidebooks and tools for practitioners, but there is hardly a growing community of practice and practitioners, and no common voice of such a community sharing their experiences, building a shared body of knowledge, and articulating their quality standards.

This was the background to the MSP Charter project, undertaken by the MSP Institute – Multi-Stakeholder processes for Sustainable Development eV and the Tellus Institute in 2017 – 2019. 

This website presents the MSP Charter developed 2017-2019, background documents and literature. The MSP Charter includes references to practical aspects of putting its principles into practice. In addition, the chapter offers implementation guidance by providing summaries of key handbooks and tool guides as well as links to relevant organisations, institutes, and networks.

The objective of the MSP Charter project was to enable a focused discussion on a shared vision, and synthesize key principles in a simple, brief document. By articulating a positive vision and valued principles of MSPs, the Charter is aiming to set and promote high quality standards, thus contributing to increasing the quality of MSP practice and maximizing their contributions to realizing the SDGs.The Charter can be used to promote principles and best practice.

The MSP Charter is based on existing agreements, research and practical experience synthesized in various handbooks and how-to-guides (see Implementation Guidance). It is also based on dialogue with and detailed feedback from members of a global multi-stakeholder advisory group of experts and practitioners, as well as a 2-day multi-stakeholder workshop held on the margins of the High-Level Political Forum (UN HLPF) in July 2017 in New York (“Making MSPs Work for the SDGs”). In addition, a wide consultation process among stakeholders was conducted, using an open internet-based call for comments.

The first draft MSP Charter was open for comments until May 31st, 2018. The 2nd draft MSP Charter was available for comments until Nov 7, 2018.

More about the project’s Advisory GroupBackground and Activities, References and Implementation Guidance.

The MSP Charter project was led by Minu Hemmati, Associate at the MSP Institute, and Felix Dodds, Tellus Institute.