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The project is developing a Charter for Multi-Stakeholder Processes (MSPs) and those working in and with MSPs, articulating key principles.

The 2nd draft MSP Charter is available for comments until Nov 7, 2018.
Please email us at info(at)msp-institute.org.

The experience with Multi-stakeholder Partnerships (MSPs) over the last 15 years, and in particular their involvement with the United Nations, has been mixed. At the centre of this has been that there is a lack of shared understanding of what partnerships are, how they should work, and what they should accomplish. The MSP Charter is a tool to address this. It is meant to help create a shared vision among governments, international institutions, Major Groups and other stakeholders of what we aspire to when creating and working in partnerships to help achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The objective of the MSP Charter project is to enable a focused discussion on such a shared vision, and synthesize key principles in a brief document. The Charter can be used to promote principles and best practice.


  • A deepened understanding of MSPs among governments, UN and stakeholders by creating and promoting an international Charter of high quality MSPs – a “standard” or set of principles that partnerships, organisations, and individuals can sign up to
  • Achieving wide-spread ownership and support from governments and stakeholders by conducting a wide, global, multi-stakeholder process to reach out and engage interested stakeholders
  • Setting quality standards for MSPs that help assess existing MSPs and develop high quality ones in the future and achieving increased quality of MSPs
  • Keeping signatories and the public informed about the Charter and signatories, and using the process to initiate further dialogue and collaboration on MSPs, ensuring their quality, building necessary capacities, and measuring impact


The first draft MSP Charter was open for comments until May 31st, 2018. Thank you to everyone who provided comments, suggestions, and questions on the zero draft! 

The 2nd draft MSP Charter is available for comments until Nov 7, 2018.
Please email us at info(at)msp-institute.org.

More about the project’s Background and Activities & Steps

The MSP Charter is a project led by Minu Hemmati, Associate at the MSP Institute, and Felix Dodds, Tellus Institute (project leads).