MSP Charter – Resources: References


  1. UN Decisions and Documents relating to MSPs
  2. UN Background Papers
  3. UN Agencies and Programmes
  4. Key Literature on Multi-Stakeholder Partnership

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1.  UN Decisions and Documents relating to MSPs

UN Decisions

2002 (January) UNGA Resolution (56/76) Towards global partnership

2002 (July) Bali Guiding Principles

2003 (June) UN Commission Decision on Partnerships for Sustainable Development including criteria and guidelines

2004 (February) UNGA Resolution (58/129) Towards global partnerships

2005 (December) UNGA resolution (60/215) Towards global partnerships

2007 (December) UNGA resolution (62/211) Towards global partnerships

2010 (March) UNGA Resolution (64/223) Towards global partnerships

2012 (March) UNGA resolution (66/223 Towards global partnerships

2014 (February) UNGA resolution (68/234) Towards global partnerships: a principle-based approach to enhanced cooperation between the United Nations and all relevant partners  

2015 (December) UNGA resolution 70/224 Towards global partnerships: a principle-based approach to enhanced cooperation between the United Nations and all relevant partners

 2.  UN Background Papers

Atkisson, Alan, 2015. MSPs in the Post-2015 Development Era: Sharing knowledge and expertise to support the achievement of the SDGs. New York: Paper prepared for UN DSD.

Beisheim, Marianne and Nils Simon, 2016. Multistakeholder partnerships for implementing the 2030 Agenda: Improving accountability– Analytical paper for the 2016 ECSOC Partnership Forum

Dodds, Felix, 2015. Multi-stakeholder partnerships: Making them work for the Post-2015 Development Agenda

ECOSOC Committee of Experts on Public Administration, 2018: Challenges for institutions in the transformation towards sustainable and resilient societies. Contribution by the Committee of Experts on Public Administration to the 2018 thematic review of the high-level political forum on sustainable development. Seventeenth Session, 23-27 April 2018 

Expert Group Meeting “Multi-stakeholder partnerships on implementing the 2030 Agenda, 2016: Improving accountability and transparency” Organized by UNDESA (February 2016)

Hoxtell, Wade, 2016. MSPs and the 2030 Agenda – Challenges and Oversight Options – Challenges and options for oversight at the United Nations. UNDESA Expert Group meeting “Strengthening the role of Member States in the review of multi-stakeholder partnerships for implementing the 2030 Agenda (December 2016)

3.  UN Agencies and Programmes

Executive Board of the UN Development Programme and of the UN Population Fund, 2008. The UNDP accountability system: Accountability framework and oversight policy. UN Doc DP/2008/16/Rev.1, New York: United Nations.

FAO Committee on Food Security – High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition (HLPE), 2118: Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships to Finance and Improve Food Security and Nutrition in the Framework of the 2030 Agenda. HLPE Report #13, June 2018

Joint Inspection Unit, 2006. Oversight Lacunae in the United Nations System. UN Doc. JIU/REP/2006/2. Geneva: United Nations.

UN Economic Commission for Europe, 2018. Draft Guiding Principles on People-First Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Part II – The 8 Guiding Principles for People-first PPPs

4.  Key Literature on Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships

Andonova, Liliana B. and Marc A. Levy, 2003. Franchising Global Governance. Making sense of the Johannesburg Type II Partnerships. In: O. S. Stokke and O. B. Thommessen (Eds.) Yearbook of International Co-Operation on Environment and Development 2003/2004. London: Earthscan.

Beisheim, Marianne and Anne Ellersiek, 2017: Partnerships for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: Transformative, Inclusive and Accountable?SWP Research Paper 2017/RP 14, December 2017.

Beisheim, Marianne & Nils Simon, 2016. Multi-stakeholder partnerships for implementing the 2030 Agenda: Improving accountability and transparency. Independent analytical paper commissioned by UNDESA 

Beisheim, Marianne and Nils Simon, 2015. Meta Governance of partnerships for sustainable development: Perspectives on how the UN could improve partnerships‘ governance services in areas of limited statehood.Berlin: SWP 

Brouwer, Herman and Jim Woodhill, with Minu Hemmati, Karèn Verhoosel and Simone van Vugt 2015: The MSP Guide – How to Design and Facilitate Multi-stakeholder Partnerships. Centre for Development Innovation, Wageningen University (free download; also available in French)

Brouwer, Herman and Jan Brouwers, 2017: The MSP Tool Guide. Sixty Tools to Facilitate Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships (free download)

Global Development Incubator 2015. More Than the Sum of Its Parts: Making Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives Work

Heiner, Krista, Louise Buck, Lee Gross, Abigail Hart, Nienke Stam.,2017. Public-Private-Civic Partnerships for Sustainable Landscapes: A Practical Guide for Conveners EcoAgriculture Partners and IDH-Sustainable Trade Initiative. EcoAgriculture Partners: Washington, D.C.

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Hemmati, Minu and Felix Dodds, 2017. Multi-stakeholder Partnerships for Sustainable Development. Three-part blog series

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